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[Sample] Regression Analysis: An Intuitive Guide

This free sample includes the full Table of Contents and the first two chapters. To obtain the complete content, please buy the full ebook.

Over the course of the full-length ebook, you'll progress from a beginner to a skilled practitioner. I’ll help you intuitively understand regression analysis by focusing on concepts and graphs rather than equations and formulas. I use everyday language so you can grasp regression at a deeper level.

Learn practical tips for performing your analysis and interpreting the results. Feel confident that you’re analyzing your data properly and able to trust your results. Know that you can detect and correct problems that arise.

This 336 page ebook covers the following:

  • How regression works and when to use it.
  • Selecting the correct type of regression analysis.
  • Specifying the best model.
  • Understanding main effects, interaction effects, and modeling curvature.
  • Interpreting the results.
  • Assessing the fit of the model.
  • Generating predictions and evaluating their precision.
  • Checking the assumptions and resolving issues.
  • Downloadable datasets for the examples.
  • Examples of different types of regression analyses.

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