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Introduction to Statistics: An Intuitive Guide [ebook]

Learn statistics without fear! I focus on helping you grasp key concepts, methodologies, and procedures while deemphasizing equations. By reading this ebook, you will build a solid foundation in the field of statistics and data analysis. Be confident that you understand what your data are telling you and that you can explain the results to others!

This 236-page ebook takes you on a voyage. I start with an overview of statistics and why it is so important. Then, we proceed to essential statistical skills and knowledge about different types of data, and how to summarize them both graphically and numerically. Importantly, I’ll show you how to discover relationships between your variables and use probability distributions to calculate probabilities. Then we move to using inferential statistics to expand human knowledge, how it fits into the scientific method, and how to design and critique experiments.

In this ebook, learn the fundamentals of statistics, including the following:

  • What is the field of statistics and why is it so vital in our data-driven society?
  • Learn about various types of data and how to use them.
  • Interpret graphs and summary statistics.
  • Find relationships between different types of variables.
  • Understand the properties of data distributions.
  • Use measures of central tendency and variability.
  • Interpret correlations and percentiles.
  • Use probability distributions to calculate probabilities.
  • Learn about the normal distribution and the binomial distributions in depth.
  • Grasp the differences between descriptive and inferential statistics.
  • Use data collection methodologies properly and understand sample size considerations.
  • Utilize statistics in the scientific method and design experiments.
  • Critique scientific experiments—whether it’s your own or another researcher’s.
  • Includes example interpretations and downloadable datasets so you can try it yourself!

Introduction to Statistics: An Intuitive Guide is also available in paperback from Amazon and elsewhere.

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